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Thread: Saving settings...

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    Saving settings...

    Riddle me this:
    I have a notebook that I'm currently running Xandros Open Circulation on. Well, as nice as Xandros is, it's a bit crippled and I just plain like Debain better (got Sarge on my desktop).
    Anyway, I'm going to put Debian on the Lappy, but I'd like to save several things:
    Various files and my KDE settings (it looks real good). The files are obvious, make a backup on a CD or what not. But is there an effective way to copy my KDE settings over to Debian?

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    IIRC, the KDE settings are saved in the ~/.kde folder. But I would beware that not all things may be able to be implorted. I know that in the past both KDE and GNOME had quirks from point point relase to point release.

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    Just to make sure, I'd dd the whole /home and transfer it there. Like Schotty said, it's hard to tell if it's different versions of KDE (any software for that matter).
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    Do you mean copy your KDE settings from Xandros to Debian? I don't think that will work as the Xandros KDE is very heavily modified from stock KDE.

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    The easiest wya to do this is to basically have your /home directory on its own partition.

    Then whenever you want to install a new distribution or upgrade or whatever, just mount that partition as your /home.

    This method saves everything, evey program setting and all of your preferences.

    It can even continue a downloada using azureus once you start it up again.

    Sorted, i think thats what you should do

    i know this post was a long time agol, but i have just found it.

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