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Thread: OpenOffice Calc is garbage

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    OpenOffice Calc is garbage

    You know, over the course of the past few months, I have been using OpenOffice and have seen many things that just BOTHER me to death. The latest incident might seem minor, but I Googled the hell out of it, without finding a conclusive answer...
    I have a Calc worksheet that is really basic. The sheets are wide, so you have to use the scroll bar to get to the far right side (unless you utilize the freeze... that's another matter...). Anyways, I wanted to cut or copy a bunch of rows, not sequential, to another sheet. So, I selected my rows, then right-clicked. Copy or cut is not even an option. I can only resize, delete, or something else that has NOTHING to do with what I need to do. I again select my rows, then go up to the menus at the top of the screen. Cut and copy are grayed out. WTF?? The only way I can copy or cut a row, is to do it one row at a time. Then, the 'copy' or 'cut' options are available to me. So, now I have to select each row, out of 40 or 50, and copy or cut it manually?? Now, if the rows you want to cut or copy are sequential, no problem. It works. But try skipping a row. No workie. Garbage...
    Another gripe, concerning the window 'freeze'. It just doesn't make logical sense. Let's say you have a sheet with 3 wide columns: A, B, and C. If I want to lock column A in place, the only way to get it to work is if I select column B and enable window freeze?!? WTF??
    Do I have a faulty version of OOo or what? I sure am missing MS Office right about now...
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