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Thread: Upgrade: FC2->FC5 then kernel panic!

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    Red face Upgrade: FC2->FC5 then kernel panic!


    Tried last night to upgrade my system from FC2 to FC5. All seemed to go 100% until the reboot. The (boot loader, I presume) screen comes up which asks you to press enter or something to choose your system (only one option in my case: fc5) and after that I get

    Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

    What on earth does that mean? Where do I even start to figure out what is wrong here?

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    You might want to post that on the FC5 mailing list.
    They might be able to help you better.

    My guess is that something did no go right. From Googling the error message, I'd say that either mkinitrd did not got installed or run succedfully, or that there is a problem with the kernel you installed.
    If I were you, I'd start troubleshooting by booting into rescue mode as explained here. Then I'd reinstall mkinitrd, the kernel and rerun mkinitrd.
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    Thanks for the help!

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I got impatient last night and did a clean install and so far so good! Now I just have to restore my backed up files ... hope that goes ok

    Looks as if you were right, though - something obviously didn't go right in the install. Thankfully, it is not a hardware compatability issue.

    Thanks again.

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    I've never really known an upgrade of any OS to go good when skipping major versions.
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