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Thread: How to install Samba on Fedora?

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    Question How to install Samba on Fedora?

    I need to install Samba to my Fedora 4 system through rpm. The problem is the dependencies to other components. Trying to install these missing components results in a cry for more and more missing components. Is there any simple way to install Samba and all that it requires at the same time?


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    Yes. Install through Yum. Yum will resolve the dependencies for you.
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    One thing I miss about RH8. Use to be the package manager would show any deps that you needed, and would grab whatever you needed. Only thing I'll seen in RH since 9 in this particular senario, is the lack of development tools, and libraries installed at first. They really don't take up too much space, and installing them will usually keep you from having these issues again (unless it's KDE/Gnome dependant). Yum is good, but if you start using it, you might as well update your entire system with the Yum repository that you use, otherwise you will just end up with the exact same problem.
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    Actually yum + yumex makes it quite easy to manage rpms.

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