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Thread: Manufacturers that are not support in Linux Operating System

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    Manufacturers that are not support in Linux Operating System

    Dear Friends,

    I have just read and signed the online petition:

    "The Linux Printer Driver"

    I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
    agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
    signing yourself.

    Best wishes,

    sorry if i have any mistakes, English it's noy my native language.

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    It's all nice .....

    but ..... but ...... I speak with my wallet and not just talk. I buy from those who supports Linux and I let them know why they won my business and told others why they did not. Check this thread out how I did it.

    But thanks for the head up.
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    I signed it.

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    Smile Promote the positives: Limelite the Stars.

    Really great products like the Wacom digital pads and the support they give to
    Linux should be acknowledged more readily by our community. While we do
    such, it may be usefull for our Open Source developement to gain, where possible,
    a deeper comprehension behind some of the problems that the manufacturer's
    have with supporting the Linux effort. While we easily say the word " Linux " we need
    to remember that the power of "Linux" is a comprehension of a vast subject that goes
    from palm pilots to super cray's, from ultra audio workstations {ie. LADSPA, CCRMA} to
    uncle Joey's 386 Linuxbox and the wrt54G boots.
    As for the marketing manager of some wantabe or remaintobe firm the history of the
    information technology reveals many little shooting stars, a lot of setting moons, and
    very few that have sustained over the past 40- 50 years. A phenomena such as Linux
    and the Open Source concepts can continue to unfold as being the OS of choice, and
    offers solutions to a world needing them. I believe we are just beginning.
    We have some hurdles to hop such as the potential legal quagmires, utilization of our
    IT knowledge to reduce elapsetime "the problem" to "the solution ".

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