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Thread: How did this machine get its name?!?!

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    How did this machine get its name?!?!

    Im' not quite a linux newbie but lets just say its been about 4 years since I have really used it and now that I am getting back to using it this has me stumped right about now LOL 1st post by the way

    For some odd reason my machine/local host name is "brittany". I never assigned that as a name, it just chose that. Now 2 months ago I worked on a co-workers daughters XP machine who's name just happens to be Brittany but how the hell could that corolate to this fresh install of fedora?!?!.

    Anytime i log into the machine i get:
    “Could not look up Internet address for %machinename, this will prevent Gnome from working correctly. It may be possible to correct the problem by adding %machinename to the file /etc/hosts.”

    This was an easy fix as i added brittany to /etc/hosts

    How can I change the machine name to something other than Brittney? Any guesses how that name got there?
    Thanks in Advance and I know this is very very basic. I'm just relearning now!

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