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    I used to use Mepis Linux back in the good ol' 2004 versions, however, i have been always unimpressed when it came to the Distro's ability to update, all of the servers always seemed to be down! Well, anyway, i haven't touched a Distro since about 5 months ago because I have simply not had the time, but I heard that Mepis is now based on Ubuntu, so I gave it a try.

    Well, let me tell u that I am both shocked and astounded on just how far Linux has come in just a few months. The KDE 3.5 is much better then any other version so far, and I like the way that Mepis has everything right out of the box (multimedia and nvidia drivers) and i love the visuals. If u are looking for a new distro that is fairly simple to use (not too dumb though) and has a great install package, then install the new Mepis 6!!!
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    So what mepis used to based on? RH?
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    Mepis has always been based on Debian. It just now is switching from Sid to more of Ubuntu's respositories.

    I been using it since 3.3.1 and do like it alot. I was using it and Ubuntu to see which one would be good to suggest to linux newbies. I haven't tried the new ubu mepis yet.
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    What does Mepis do to Ubuntu to merit a new distro? Ie, what does Mepis provide that Kubuntu does not?
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    Mepis is an installable LiveCD based on Debian. It is a pretty clean KDE centric distro that has pretty sane choices for default apps.

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    That's what I'm talking about. IMO, you just described Kubuntu perfectly. It's deadly clean and has sane defaults.

    I suppose it's not an installable LiveCD...just a LiveCD and an Install CD. I don't really see that as a justification for a whole new distro, though.
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