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Try Mepis...
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Thread: Try Mepis...

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    I used to use Mepis Linux back in the good ol' 2004 versions, however, i have been always unimpressed when it came to the Distro's ability to update, all of the servers always seemed to be down! Well, anyway, i haven't touched a Distro since about 5 months ago because I have simply not had the time, but I heard that Mepis is now based on Ubuntu, so I gave it a try.

    Well, let me tell u that I am both shocked and astounded on just how far Linux has come in just a few months. The KDE 3.5 is much better then any other version so far, and I like the way that Mepis has everything right out of the box (multimedia and nvidia drivers) and i love the visuals. If u are looking for a new distro that is fairly simple to use (not too dumb though) and has a great install package, then install the new Mepis 6!!!
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    So what mepis used to based on? RH?
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    Mepis has always been based on Debian. It just now is switching from Sid to more of Ubuntu's respositories.

    I been using it since 3.3.1 and do like it alot. I was using it and Ubuntu to see which one would be good to suggest to linux newbies. I haven't tried the new ubu mepis yet.
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    What does Mepis do to Ubuntu to merit a new distro? Ie, what does Mepis provide that Kubuntu does not?
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    Mepis is an installable LiveCD based on Debian. It is a pretty clean KDE centric distro that has pretty sane choices for default apps.

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    That's what I'm talking about. IMO, you just described Kubuntu perfectly. It's deadly clean and has sane defaults.

    I suppose it's not an installable LiveCD...just a LiveCD and an Install CD. I don't really see that as a justification for a whole new distro, though.
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    I haven't messed with the new Mepis that has anything to do Ubuntu, but it had better hardware detection than Ubuntu and was easier to get functional (no dealing with anything like automatix or manual likeness) for me. Mepis was it's own distro before, only recently incorporating Ubuntu stuff.

    Last I was over in the Mepis forums there were plenty of people worried about these changes, and not sure if Mepis would end up being a Kubuntu clone.
    From this: http://www.mepis.org/node/9454 it sounds like Warren is going collaborative, so I'm not all too sure that MEPIS won't be swallowed by Kubuntu in the future.
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    Its not a new distro, Mepis was around before Ubuntu hit the streets. It was just based on Debian Sid so it wasn't much of stretch to move to Ubuntu. Mepis has alot of custom tools to aid in administration, the stuff that the KDE control center doesn't do. I don't remember all what it does tho, its been a while since I messed with it.
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