New to the forum and looking forward to participating.

Please, I'm new and I have a simple question that may seem very obvious to all.

My ISP is blocking port 25 so I want to use the MailHop Relay service from DynDNS. I am trying to set up a MX record on DynDNS. It ask for the hostname of my mail server.

I have a home network using a Netgear Wireless Router. I have 3 computers on the network using 'myhome' as my domain name. My hosts file on all 3 boxes is as follows: www.myhome.net www four.myhome.net four ja.myhome.net ja

I am running my mail server, postfix on, ja and my web server on, www.

Now, when asked for the hostname of my mail server, is it 'ja.myhome.net' ?

I know that this may be obvious but I just want to be certain.

Also, I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a better or alternate solution for my port 25 issue.