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Thread: How do view network stations?

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    Many thanks!!!

    Yes you are right if i know the IP address i can access it with SSH as Compunuts said and transfer files with scp.

    Though i was interested also to know with which command and syntax i can reveal all the hosts in my subnetwork.IF im for example at with mas how do i get a list of all hosts at 10.80.0.x with their ip addresses and hostnames? To view hosts in a different class.I actually have a difficulty ``surfing`` in a network.

    Thats all guys! Thank you for your help and understanding of my unawareness

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    nmap 10.80.0.*
    Learn to use nmap by doing
    man nmap
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    Also, here is a short command line options for NMAP .

    What I like most is the -O (to guess the OS) so that you can tell which version of OS the host is running.

    Nmap will output to stdout (the monitor, tty). If you want it to send it into the file so that you can reference lateron, pipe it as

    nmap -O 192.188.20.* >your/log/file
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    thanks guys i managed to travel inside my network with nmap,route and by pinging. Im at an A class network and i wanted to access a C class I couldnt reach it by rearranging the route table till i created a virtual interface.i managed to connect via ssh and also transfer files via scp. Thanks for your help!
    Now im trying to understand the routing tables and how do i change it to connect with other networks.

    Take care all and thanks for your help!

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