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Thread: Driver/Protocol modifications!What do i need?

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    Question Driver/Protocol modifications!What do i need?

    What do i need to do modifications in a linux wireless card driver,lets say HostAP ?
    How can i have access to a protocol in mac layer and modify/remove it?

    Any ideas will be helpful!

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    To my understanding, you need the driver sourcecode, hardware specifications for the device and programming know-how for the particular language/device.
    If you have a particular, already existing driver in mind, you might want to contact the development team of the driver, as they might be able to provide you with detailed information.
    Here are some links on writing drivers:

    Keep in mind that such an endeavor is not for the faint of heart or the limited of time.
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    Trickster thank you for your post is very useful. Im new on the field but its good to have a start line.Thank you for your effort giving me all these links!

    Big words...judging,outsmarting,never forgive. I disagree on the quote. I agree with what Sokrates said: All i know is that i know nothing! Have a nice day and thanks!

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