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MS Launches Open Source web site?
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Thread: MS Launches Open Source web site?

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    MS Launches Open Source web site?

    Is Microsoft trying to play nice? Can we expect to be rummaging throught the Vista source code, or submitting patches to the Win32 kernel anytime soon? Heh, no, I expect not. But they do have a snazzy new web site for their Open Source Software lab:

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    Seems fitting that the MS "Open Source Software Lab" considers NetBSD one of the lesser known Linux distros.

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    great it's run by Bill 'Satan Hitler' Hilf.. the least honest man in Redmond.
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    Tooo bad NetBSD aint Linux

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    Don't even believe for a second that Microsoft is being nice, they are probably just trying to play another pawn to ruin us. Microsoft never accomodates competition, and we are the most competitive!
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    Microsoft is always doing things to suprise you. I <3 them
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