I was talking to a friend of mine who used to do tech support for a company. After getting laid off, he was running his own business out of his garage for almost 3 years now. First few years are not so good but he said he is getting good enough business this year that he is thinking about expending. His clients mostly include small medical offices, dental offices and others like low tech plumbing and construction offices. So he asked me if I want to do some stuff with him.

Now, geing heard many of tech support horror stories and went through some of my own doing help to others for free, I'm very relucent to commit. Plus I don't really like to work with him (he is extremely good as a friend but I'm not sure as business partner since he tend to let loose about money).

So I'm thinking about doing this on my own as part time plus I could really use my Linux skills as consulting type of things.

But I know some of you have went down this road before so I'd like to get some suggestions and your experience. I've always been business management side of work my whole working life so I'm not sure how this tech related stuff will play out for me.

Any thoughts you'd share for free? Any suggestions on starting up a small consulting type office out of my home?


BTW, I'm in Silicon Valley area where there are too many big tech guys as well as too much small guys.