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Thread: FC5 Package Installation Problem

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    FC5 Package Installation Problem

    I installed FC5 onto my sig PC (thanks Free Media Project!) and am highly impressed (bring it on Vista!) but I have one small problem: the package manager can't retrive the list of installed packages. Which means I can't easily install anything else but what I put on the HDD at setup. Any remedies? I'd rather not do a total reinstall but I will if I have to; everything of importance is on my Windoze XP PC...

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    That is a bit confusing -- rpm cannot retrieve the db is what I hear.

    To fix that try this :

    Otherwise I would goto the cli and try to do this:
    become root however you feel
    rpm -qa

    That will list all packages you have installed.

    This will do all with the term "xfree" in it:
    rpm -qa | grep xfree

    Plus the tool 'yum' is the preferred method of installing software for rpm. If yum is the app that is problematic, a:
    again become root at the cli
    yum clean all

    Will do the trick. BTW, unless FC5 has a new yum GUI, go get yumex. Much nicer ;D

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