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Thread: the "get your free distros here" thread

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    the "get your free distros here" thread

    Tradition calls for us to have a thread like this where members who are unable to download the lastest and greatest distro can request a copy be send to them.

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    What happened to the other thread?
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    IIRC, the original thread was in Flea Market forum and there is no such forum at OFO so I guess it got yanked.
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    Knoppix anyone?

    Hate to start summat of a trend here, but could anyone burn me a copy of Knoppix, either CD or DVD versions? I have up to 3.8 but all of 'em are scratched and I think Knoppix is a sweet system.

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    For free Ubuntu CDs goto:

    They will mail you a freebie. OR many freebies, either for you, or to hand out.

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