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Thread: Anyone plays the piano, guitar, flute etc....

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    peter@tuxhugger (Anaheim, California)
    I do vocals (singing, et al).

    I started to learn piano once, but have since paused the lessons for an indefinite time due to lack of available scheduling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernel_Killer
    You should see the 7-strings that Conklin makes. Too bad they are around $2000.

    If I had a few more fingers, that 9-string would rock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernel_Killer
    You should see the 7-strings that Conklin makes. Too bad they are around $2000.
    Even used? I remember when wolfgangs (regular electric 6 stringer guitars) were the pimp sh!t, that was their price. But I have touched ebay sales that were much less that were practically mint. One dude got 2, one for 450, the other for 600. Oddly the 450 was in the best shape. He also ended up getting the 5150 head and amp for dirt cheap too that is in great shape (former musician that kept that as a spare in his basement recording room).

    We have a Music Go Round used (and some new) instrument shop that was doing double what I have seen on ebay for worse quality.

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    I play guitar, bass, drums and synths.
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    I've played piano for over 10 years, and still take lessons, but i doubt it will ever turn into anything serious.

    I also play play Trombone, and have played for 8 years now. I intend to continue playing into college, and hopefully minor in music of some sort.

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    I've played piano for a fair while now. Only just got a piano again recently after a few years without. Didn't realise how much I missed it until I got this one.

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