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Thread: My computer died

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    Unhappy My computer died

    Yep.. the other morning it just failed to turn on - the voltage regulator on the mobo blew up.

    So after thinking for a while I decided to borrow money and get myself a new machine that could last me another 4-6 years. This means that my beloved machine will be replaced by an AMD64 X2 4400+ (dualcore with 1 meg of cache per core) with 2 gigs of Corsair highperformant DDR400 ram all lovingly wrapped in a Shuttle case for size and noise optimization.

    I can't wait for this to get delievered, I always wanted an SMP setup to play with - I wonder how fast this thing will compile glibc.
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    That's definitely a lot of great stuff...

    In our family it's tradition to replace/improve parts one by one. Of course sometimes this demands a new motherboard for compatibility. My PC is scavenged from the folowing:

    MSI Intel Motherboard with onboard Ethernet + C-Media sound
    30 gb maxtor harddrive
    1024 + 256 DDR (Kingston for the 1024 but not sure of the 256)
    NVidia GeForce MMX 400 64 MB (bought from neighbor, just 15 Euros)
    52x CD-R(W) burner, makes a lot of noise
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