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Thread: Two thumbs (wayyyyyy) UP for Brother ...

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    Two thumbs (wayyyyyy) UP for Brother ...

    They finally released their printer drivers under GPL and my Multi-Function Machine is being supported for ALL functions.

    When I was going to buy a workgroup type printer, I was looking for Linux support as well since my workhorse machine is run by Linux. So when Costco had it for $ 399 after $ 100 cash-rebate, I wanted to grab it. But before I do that, I sent emails to Brother marketing/sales as well as Linux support center for information. Brother Linux support Tech (this guy is in Japan) reply me within 24 hours (another WOW) and told me they were working on Linux support but was unable to promise that there will be any support in the future for my machine. He pointed me to the Linux support page on Brother and told me to check it out. He also told me that in highly likely case, it will be supported for print functions.

    I wasn't so impressed. So I checked out HP as well as a few others. HP never replied my info request and so is Canon. I found that most of them are pretty much in the same boat. They all support Print but not scan and PC-Fax functions which I desire. After a few comparisons with functions vs price, I decided to go with Brother at least knowing that they are pretty good at giving me something to go on in reasonable time frame.

    So I sent email again to sales in US and Worldwide HQ of Brother letting them know why I chose to buy Brother made machine over other MFGs (so basically I was telling them how important it's to have Linux support).

    Now almost a year later, Brother FINALLY release their driver package under GPL supporting many of the models. It included my machine (Brother MFC8440D) with all functions including PC-FAX. Oh man, I was thrilled. I just tested and it worked fine. Now, I don't need to have Windows laptop to use PC-Fax function. Yeap, here comes Ubuntu on the laptop again. The next battle.

    So Yeap guys, bugging them about Linux may have WORKED. . Keep doing it. Ya never know how many are out there doing the same as you do. It might encourage them to at least think about supporting other than Winblows.

    PS ---> I wasn't sure I should post this on this forum and thought about posting in Playground forum. But I think it's definitely Linux related and I thought I would post it here. If it's unappropiate, please any mod may move to another forum.
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    Thats great news. I always consider Linux support when I buy a piece of hardware, not only community support but how much the company itself takes Linux seriously.
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    Glad to hear it! Although I print maybe an average of 10 pages per year.
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