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Thread: DVDs not playing in mplayer

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    DVDs not playing in mplayer

    Hey, I dunno why but my dvds arent playing in mplayer (got the codecs installed) and Ihave libdvdcss installed also, totem wont even play it.

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    If you run mplayer from a shell, do you see any error output?
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    It might depend on the DVD too, some use encryption that none of the Linux codecs can play. I have noticed that with some of the newer more popular movies. This isn't always, just some of the time.
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    I've had problems with getting mplayer to play dvds, not because the codec is nonexiting or anythign like that, but I never figured out how to overcome it, so now I mostly use xine for playing dvds.
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    Same deal for me. Never did figure out that mplayer deal. I've always used Totem with the xine backend for playing DVDs and it's worked like a dream. Search yum for totem and see if you can find anything with the xine backend. If not, maybe totem-gstreamer is finally up to the task? It's been "getting there" for about 2 years now.
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    hmmm just a thought ... maybe the dvd media itself do have problems... will the disk works with dvd players?
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    My thinking is this -- what is the error? If you open the dvd off the cli in the apps that dont work (like mplayer here), what is the error that causes the app to not play the dvd?

    My bet is it is looking at one spot for the codecs, but you have them elsewhere. As aforementioned, Totem is a bit easier since you can add codecs very easily thru Totem's preferences. Mplayer always told me where to put them (forget offhand). And I just put them there and it worked.

    Now IIRC, there is a config file that can tell mplayer a specific loc, such as the $HOME/.mplayerrc/codecs/. Perhaps you can verify that?

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