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Thread: Vista Delayed -- Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlygeek
    Microsoft has kicked out the VP of Windows. Things must really be bad.

    Even so, they promise vaporware all the time and keep people in suspense. With all the Linux competition they are getting the jitters. That old strategy won't prevent the undecided buyers from switching to something else as much.

    I've upgraded to FC5 on my play around system at work. Looks very nice. Vista can wait.
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    FC5 is great and with what's in store for FC6 - Vista isn't likely for my future
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyr_7BE
    Ubu 6.12 will make it out the door just before Vista if everyone keeps to their schedules. For the first time since 2001 people will be able to see the very latest and greatest from both Microsoft and a linux desktop. Until now it's always been about comparing the latest Ubuntu with XP, which is now 5 years out of date. It will be very interesting to compare 6.12 to Vista.

    Hopefully Ubu will have dumped the default look by this time. I've gotta say, 6.12 is going to have to come out with something better than the Human theme to beat that glass windowing look in the latest Vista. I know people have mixed feelings about it, but I think it looks gorgeous.

    For those unfamiliar, see here for example

    Original thread here
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