i just installed mandriva (finaly got rid of my ancient mandrake install) but i can't seem to get any incomming connections. not even pings.

however i van ping/ftp/ssh from mandriva to other systems. it even managed to get an ip from the dhcp.

now i already figured... shorewall (firewall standard for mandriva)

so i started editing that...

in the policy file it used to be this:
fw    all   ACCEPT
net   all   DROP    info
all   all   DROP   info
seemed to explain it all... 2nd line..

so i changed it to:
fw    all   ACCEPT
net   all   ACCEPT   info
all   all   DROP   info
restarted shorewall, didn't work(still no incomming connects.. got desperate and restarted the system still the same.

i tried shorewall clear
shorewall stop

but it all didn't matter... still doesn't work

p2 350
192MB ram
3com 10/100 lan
6.5 gb disk
mandriva 2006 (installed from mini image since i only needed the basics. installed with security settings 'higher')