I am trying to install a software DL_Poly on SUSE LINUX 10.0 and i am encountering a problem.

These are the details:

Installation problem for DL-POLY

Computer: Intel Xeon i386, Dual 1.7GHz
OS: Suse Linux 10.0
GNU gcc: 4.0.2
MPI: Openmpi 1.0.1

DL-Poly is a molecular dynamics software that needs to be installed on Linux operating system. DL-Poly requires Fortran90 for compiling. The gcc we have in our Linux operating system has Fortran77 as the default Fortran compiler. In order to wrap gcc into mpi the following commands were used:
~/openmpi-1.0.1 #./configure –prefix=/usr/local/
~/openmpi-1.0.1 #make all install

To check whether mpif77 incorporates fortan90 compiler, the following command was used:
~/openmpi-1.0.1 # mpif77 -show

The following message was displayed after the process was complete:
gfortran -I/usr/local//include -I/usr/local//include/openmpi/ompi -pthread -L/usr/local//lib -lmpi -lorte -lopal -lutil -lnsl -ldl -Wl,--export-dynamic -lm -lutil -lnsl -ldl

We think that the above message implies that fortran 90 support is not included.

Therefore, we might need to recompile gcc into mpi with fortran 90 support.
We do not know how to do the above step.

Do we need another fortran 90 compiler and wrap it into gcc?
If so, we do not know how to carry out the above step.

Is there any other way of tackling this problem?

Thanks for your help.