Here 5 days before the release of the Fedora projects fifth release, I thought I'd bring you all up to speed on what's new and interesting:

Dogs wearing fedoras, Mono got included and brought with it amongst other applications Beagle, the search service. It's fully integrated in Nautilus, the Menu's search field and Deskbar can use it directly as well.

GCC 4.1 brings with it more efficient code and better ram usage, Fedora has once again brought the best security available this time around the addition of having ProPolice stack protecting the entire distro to the hall of already impressive security deployments.

SELinux has gotten upgraded and 3rd party policy modules are now available, this should ease integration of application packaging and SELinux.

GNOME 2.14, first distro to ship the new GNOME which brings many important optimizations and feature enhancements to the Fedora desktop.

Modular X allows for easier maintainership of X and easier upgrade paths for driver updates e.g.

A lot of work has taken place under the hood, the installer has been reviewed for usability and the backend is now driven by yum.

Linux 2.6.15 (actually a git prerelease of 2.5.16 at current date) drives this beast of a distro, overall the system feels smooth and one doesn't feel the overhead of the security enhancements, they quietly do their job behind the scenes protecting you from the bad guys.

OpenOffice 2.0.2 is included in the release as is the latest Firefox release.

Most on the eyecandy side, the much hyped AIGLX technology is available for testing in FC5 with one additional package. This comes as a sidedish to the new shinier Fedora look.

5 days from now I'm not afraid to say that Fedora will put their best release out to date. The user experience is simply amazing and the project has really with this release come into it's own. Fedora Extras the community driving approved packages is growing at a steady rate.