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Thread: Next Ubuntu to be delayed a month and a half?

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    Next Ubuntu to be delayed a month and a half?

    Personally I would support this move, provided efforts are made to get the next release cycle back on track. It's worth postponing the ship date if the product truly needs work.
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    I'm writing to propose a six week delay in the release date of Dapper,
    in order to do additional validation, certification, localisation, and
    polish. I would like to call for a community "town hall" meeting on
    Tuesday 14th March - once at 09:00 UTC (for the Aussies and Asian
    communities) and then again at 18:00 UTC (for Europe and the Americas).
    The meetings will be in #ubuntu-meeting on Based on
    feedback at those meetings, we will ask the Tech Board and the Community
    Council to take a view on the proposal, and announce the decision by the
    end of the week.
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    And this was handed down by the big cheese himself, Mark Shuttleworth, I guess they are going to delay. I don't mind, its not like there are glaring problems that need to be corrected. Just take some extra time, polish it up and release a great product. There are a couple of software companies that do things like that and they never fail to please.
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