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Thread: The WiFi challenge

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    Question The WiFi challenge

    So I'm about to begin the process of getting my own place at last, and I want to avoid setting up a regular wired lan, however wifi seems like a jungle so here is what I need help with:

    I'll have one desktop machine which must be connected using a PCI based wifi card as well as a laptop using PC Card (PCMCIA for us oldies) and a router/AP to connect to my internet hook up.

    I know nothing about wifi as such but my requirements are:

    100% open source solution, no binary wrappers or **** I have to mess with, it must work out of the box with Fedora.

    I don't mind having to shop and have the hardware send to me from the US as long as there are no issues making it work in Denmark (I know frequencies are governed differently here).

    High quality hardware is strongly prefered regardless of cost, I want a solid connection.

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    Atheros uses the madwifi package. It works okay. The thing I have YET to manage to figure out is any form of encryption whatsoever. WAP kinda worked, WEP is a wet dream at the moment.

    My current plight is getting an AP that isnt a pile of ****. And I dont use that word lightly:
    4 different cards on 7 APs that always lock up within an 8hr period.

    FC4 works well as can linspire.

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    I would get Linksys if I were to start all over again. I bought NetGear since a friend of mine bought it and he sold me cheap. WRT54G is Linux based and many said their cards works natively out of the box. I'm no personal experience here so don't quote me on it. I was just saying all those hay says.
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    I've had different results with SMC cards, mainly SMC2802W for PCI and SMC2835w for PCMCIA, 2835 won't work, atleast not in the current version it is shiped (version 2 or 3)
    2802 will work with prism54, but in no way relyable, I'm currently on the develop list for the new softMAC prism54 based driver (islsm) where it tends to work for a brief period of time, say 2 - 5 minuts, then it hard-locks the machine.

    On the other hand, I've had no problems with Netgear WG311T, WG511T, WG511U and WPN511, with the madwifi-ng driver, it works flawlessly as a twin noesbeacon client/AP in my router/server, with support for WEP/WPA and everything.

    I expect the WPA/WEP support sometime soon to be natively supported in the kernel, since theres roumers floating around that instead of relying on the old madwifi-stack there will be a native kernel-support, which will make everythign so much easier for WIFI developers.
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