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Thread: New FTP Uploads Overwrite Existing File Permissions

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    New FTP Uploads Overwrite Existing File Permissions

    I'm stumped...

    I'm using SUSE Enterprise Server 9, vsftp, Apache (2) to support Web development, and I'm having a problem with developer FTP uploads resetting directory file permissions.

    With each new file upload, read permissions are removed from "all users" and Web users can't view the uploaded HTML content. The "owners" permissions remain intact.

    Each developer has his own local account and corresponding FTP / HTTP directory which he uses to develop, upload and publish Web content. From a developer's standpoint everything works great. He can login...upload...create, modify, delete and browse HTML content no problem.

    However, after a new upload, the developer must manually reset read permissions on all directories and files or the Web users can't view folder content.

    Any thoughts? For a Windows GOWRONG this is very humbling.
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    I remember having similiar issues with ftp. I think it sets all uploaded files to the default umask.

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    I think you're right. The default can be changed with the "local_umask" statement in vsftpd.conf

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