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Thread: Python Tutorials

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    Python Tutorials

    I know nothing about Python but stumbled upon these tutorials. The first is for those with no programming experinece, the second is for experinced programers.

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    Sweet - Here's another

    A Byte of Python

    This one is also less advanced than Dive Into Python


    How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learning With Python

    Linux Journal Article

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    To learn your first language I recommend books. Even for not-first programming languages I do. Usually books have cool challenges exercises and lots of source code, links etc.

    For newbies I recommend Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner
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    Matt Pilgrim's book is great. Of course, reading Guido's Tutorial first, makes it all click much easier.
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    If you know another object oriented language (like Java or C++) Python should be pretty easy to pick up. I love python and write a lot of code in it on a daily basis (cross platform GUI, command line and RWAD Web Apps).
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