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Thread: New PET: Linux VM in Practice

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    New PET: Linux VM in Practice

    I have been working on this for some time, I guess a little over a month. My target audience are folks who have some UNIX experience, but not necessarily in-depth Linux familiarity. The most common things I hear regarding memory usage are
    The XX application crashed with a memory error, and I see the server has only yy megabytes of RAM free when i look at top. The server is out of RAM
    the application is performing poorly. I see that there are only xx MB of RAM free. We have to reboot
    This PET is my attempt at addressing the free RAM in Linux misconception, in a way that does'nt get too deep into Linux internals. The folks who complain about the "free RAM problem" will have neither the time, nor desire to delve that deep.

    Any comments, corrections, bitching, 6 packs of Sam are welcome.

    Linux VM in Practice

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