I'm trying to load torrents in one directory and save to another. I want to have unlimited uploads. I've found/tried the command below, but it didn't work, not sure if version differnces or distro.

btlaunchmany --minport 59052 --maxport 59059 --close_with_rst 1 --torrent_dir /media/hda5/Torrents --save_in /media/hda5/Linux --max_upload_rate 30 --max_uploads -1

I'm running Ubuntu 5.10 and Bittorrent 3.4.2-3ubuntu7. I'm not fixed on staying with these, so if you have other suggestions I'm open to considering them. I really don't want a gui bittorrent; I'd really like to have something that I could run in the background and that's why I was trying to get this to work.

Thanks for the help.