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    I had to fly to LA and back yesterday. I hate takeoffs and landings so much.

    Why can't the pilot just say at the very beginning "We are going to take off and climb to x thousand feet, then we'll pull back on the throttle so you'll have a roller coaster feeling, then we'll bank to the left and then straighten up and fly more or less in a straight line after that to LA"?

    I see the wing go up in the air and I just get this crashy feeling. You know, that 10 o'clock news story feeling.

    It was better coming back, I just shut the window and read a magazine. That made it a lot better.

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    Although it give me jitters at times, I LOVE flying especially taking offs. I always try to watch out the windows as well. Here, we have good nice big jets so safely is very good. Wait until you go to visit some small islands where flying is the only way (or going with overloaded boats) in some Asian countries and fly with their WWII era crafts. Now, THAT'S SCARY.
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    I love flying.. I'm really scared of airports though
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    I LOVE flying takeoffs, landings and even turbulace sometimes

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    I like flying (only because I hate driving), but I cant stand the landings. it always feels like they arent landing the craft properly and just "winging it" and hoping for the best. it annoys the crap out of me
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