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Thread: linux for alpha

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    linux for alpha

    just want to ask your expert advice guys, what linux distro would work for an alpha server?

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    Re: linux for alpha

    Oh man, around a year ago I was playing around an Alpha box with no success. The problem with Alpha is that it is primarily for Windows. It's BIOS is for Windows. Your biggest hurdle will be to actually get a BIOS that can load a Linux loader. I tried playing with Debian, but never had any success. Mostly because I couldn't find the model of my Alpha box and get a the BIOS for it. BIOS isn't the right term, but it is equivalent to it.
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    Re: linux for alpha

    try Suse, Debian, Gentoo, or RedHat. your choice...

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    Re: linux for alpha

    @ vern ... hehehe what model particularly boss .. coz maybe within this year im going to play with our DEC Alpha AS4000!
    @ jacklord .. try redhat for alpha
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    Re: linux for alpha

    heh thats the problem bai. I had no idea what model my box was. The company who made it went bankrupt years ago and I was lost.

    You get the same problems with any alternative operating system you try to run alpha on. I tried running BSD on it too, but couldn't find a loader.
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