hi to all,

im a newbie in Linux OS and im eager to learn and explore on it.,here's my story for the past month...i installed Mandrake10 one PC in my office, so far i haven't encounter any problems during the installation process and i install it successfully. And now big problem is on how to configure my wireless NIC so that i can access to the internet (where using wireless connection in the office) and communicate other PC., here's my setup:

1 - internet server (win2kserv), im using ICS with Access Point (act like switch).
5 - workstation running winxp with wireless NIC (D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G+ DWL-G520+ driver)

*Note: everything are running smooth...no problem with the network and internet connection.

Q: How to configure my 1 PC running Mandrake10 to communicate with others PC and can able to access the internet? I try to download the installer of wireless NIC (D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G+ DWL-G520+ driver) of course under the Mandrake10 OS but i haven't see it...

i try the NDISWRAPPER and MADWIFI and follow the instructions...but still i was not able to success....when i try to extract...THERE'S AN ERROR: THE KERNELL SOURCE IS NOT FOUND....OR NOT ON THE PATH.....blaahhhh-blahh
now my question is where should i found the kernell source...and how to install it...is that included on Mandrake10 CD's?