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    out of frequency

    GOOD A.M guys. i have a problem in my PC hardware regarding when i was going to install.. during starting to setup a new OS in linux there was a problem in the middle of installation appear in the monitor " your frequecy is out of range or out of frequency" ill try the command the command of xf86cofig but it didnt work. how i can solve this problem? pls help guys.


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    Re: out of frequency

    You'll have to modify your config file manually. I'm not sure where it is located since I haven't used a Linux desktop in a while. Others will help you better.
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    Re: out of frequency

    re-configure XWindows by running xf86config through your installation CD and get the "standard" resolution at that "standard" frequency which you think would suit your monitor. and please refer to your monitor's manual if it supports that resolution at that frequency. just a reminder, do NOT configure it at maximum settings. this might burn some pixels.

    ... let us know if the problem persists.

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