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Thread: Squid, Proxy, Iptables, and CHIKKA

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    Squid, Proxy, Iptables, and CHIKKA

    I'm new to Linux and was able to setup Fedora Core 4 as our new Internet Proxy. Have been meddling around with iptables and squid. I have successfully implemented a proxy but I have configured it to limited features only (those that are usually taken out from a book ).

    One problem which is bugging me right now is how to connect CHIKKA through my proxy.

    Hope you guys can help me.

    Thanks a million.

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    Re: Squid, Proxy, Iptables, and CHIKKA

    You have all traffic go through your proxy?
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    Re: Squid, Proxy, Iptables, and CHIKKA

    YES, I think so.

    When I first started tinkering with the Fedora Core 4, I configured iptables to nat and masquerading and it worked fine. Chikka was operational then but I had to enable squid in order for me to do the following:

    1. speed up internet access of the lan through NAT by setting up a cache
    2. maybe i could have some authentication and accounting with squid
    3. ease up the installation of the clients by providing the IP and proxy only since with iptables, i have to specify gateways and DNS on the client machines (which gives me also problems since if these clients are configured this way, they seem to bypass the squid proxy).
    4. I could somehow restrict downloads to some client machines while enabling others to do so.
    5. and much more! (i hope so)

    I know I could have done this with windows but since I'm planning to advocate opensource in our province, I make it a point to do it with linux.

    With these features in my mind, I am really glad that I found this site where I could solicit help from the experts.

    Thanks again!!!!

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