the default slackware install, installs kernel 2.4.31. below are the steps i used to install kernel 2.6.13 (cd2 on the slackware install cds). this assumes that user is already knowledgeable in installing slackware linux, and is only interested in using kernel 2.6 without compiling sources

1. select test26.s on the "boot" prompt.
2. select "expert" install
3. unselect all 2.4.31 stuff including alsa drivers
4. on reboot, login as root and mount cd2
5. cd /mnt/cdrom/linux-2.6.13
6. "installpkg", or "pkgtool", 2.6.13 source, headers, modules, and the alsa driver

dont forget to get patch files from the slackware site and install them before doing too much install of other packages