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Thread: battle for wesnoth

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    battle for wesnoth

    "The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

    Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir, or use your dread power over the Undead to dominate the land of mortals, or lead your glorious Orcish tribe to victory against the humans who dared despoil your lands … Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played out. You can create your own custom units, and write your own scenarios – or even full-blown campaigns. You can also challenge your friends – or strangers – and fight multi-player epic fantasy battles." -

    graphics may be old-school, but i find the gameplay and story good and intriguing. it can do network multiplaying also for added fun

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    Re: battle for wesnoth

    Reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vern
    Reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic.
    Yeah, that game was really cool...
    Do you also remember "King's Bounty" and "Commander Keen"? I wasted al my time on these like six years ago Check out and (<- when it's finished) for some cool oldschool games.
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    Battle for Wesnoth is one of the shining stars of the native Linux games (although they DO have a Windows and OSX port now).

    I am legendary for my terrible turn-based game playing so I usually get frustrated and quit playing for a months at a time. When I do start it back up there is usually a new release out which I prompty update to, end up screwing up the original install and loosing my saved game data. Its a skill..
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    gameplay reminds me of civilization
    but i enjoy playing it
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    I blogged about this game a while back and have since been playing it in spurious bursts. It's an absolutely excellent game.

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