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Thread: How to migrate mail clients?

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    How to migrate mail clients?

    Anbody please help me how to transfer personal folders from MS Office Outlook and MS Outlook Express to Evolution?

    Your assistance is very much appreciated.

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    Re: How to migrate mail clients?

    I haven't used Evolution ... but is there somekind of import function in the program?
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    Re: How to migrate mail clients?

    how about migrating *.pst files to Kontact?

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    Re: How to migrate mail clients?

    I've tried importing pst and and dbx files but it didn't work. This is one of the major concern that we have here in the office.

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    Re: How to migrate mail clients?

    Here are some steps you can take that I have found in my archives.

    First of all, Evolution as far as I know uses the mbox format ... so getting your stuff in that format is your ultimate goal.

    1. You can use programs to do that for you ...

    Little Machines - (This is not free, but rather cheap)
    Outport - - SF anyone?
    Moveover - - Tries to automate the migration of Windows to Linux including e-mail
    Kmail - Kmail can import Outlook dbx files directly ... and you can use that to do your conversion.

    2. or this ... I found this in my e-mail archive that I e-mailed to myself. I was trying to do what you are doing now in the past.

    Mozilla under Windows can access the .pst Outlook files because it can
    use the Windows MAPI.DLL library. Using MAPI.DLL is the only way to
    access .pst files, and it can be used under a Windows operating system.

    To start importing your Outlook mail to Evolution, run Mozilla Mail on
    Windows and select the Importer to begin:

    File > Import

    Then select the .pst file that you wish to import Mail from Outlook.
    Once Mozilla has imported all your mail, reboot your computer into

    Mount your Windows partition in Linux and run Evolution to begin
    importing your mail. Select the Importer from the File menu to start

    File > Import File...

    Set the file type to "MBox (mbox)" and click on [Browse] to select the
    file containing mail you want to import.

    If you are the only user on Windows, the mail files will be stored in
    Data/Mozilla/Profiles/default/XXXX/Mail/imported.mail/ where
    /mnt/windows/c/ is your windows partition mount point and XXXX is some
    collection of numbers and digits ending in .slt.

    If there is more than one user, the file will be in
    /mnt/windows/c/windows/Profiles/USERNAME/XXXX/ Mail/imported.mail/ where
    USERNAME is your Windows username.

    For each mail folder in Outlook, Mozilla will convert the folder into
    one mbox file. To import all your mail, import all the files into
    Evolution, that do not a .msf extension.


    You may want to get the conversion program libpst-0.3beta1.tgz which can
    be downloaded from

    ************************************************** ************************

    To import your contacts from Outlook you will need to export all of your
    contact folders in Outlook to a .csv file. To do this in Outlook:

    Click on File > Import and Export....
    Choose "Export to a file" and click [Next].
    For the file type choose "Comma Separated Values (DOS)".
    Click [Next].
    If you have sub-folders under "Contacts" each sub-folder must be
    exported separately.
    Name the exported files "same_as_outlook_folder.csv" (sans quotes and
    keep a note of the path).
    Click [Next].
    Click [Finish].

    To import contacts.csv into Evolution you will have to run each .csv
    file through the attached Perl script ( Download into your home directory and make the script executable by
    running this command:

    $ chmod +x ~/

    Run this script to convert contacts.csv to contacts.vcf:

    $ ./ contacts.csv contacts.vcf

    Once you have contacts.vcf, you can import it into Evolution by:

    Clicking File > Import.
    Click [Next].
    Click on "Import from a single file"
    Click [Next] again.
    For file type choose "VCard...".
    Click [Browse] and select your file.
    Click [Next] then [Import].
    or this ...

    It's a simple 3-step process:

    I. Select and export all Outlook address book entries to a text file;
    II. Mail the text file to yourself as an attachment and field it in JDS;
    III. Import the text file in Evolution.
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    Re: How to migrate mail clients?

    Thanks vern! I'm eager to have this done. I'll keep you posted with the results. Thanx!!

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