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Thread: apache + MySQL + PHP

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    apache + MySQL + PHP

    i was trying to install vBulletin and IBMpremodded here in my box (out of curiousity). But I got an error saying 'XML functions should be available'. Searched google about the error and it says that I have to compile PHP with "--with-xml". I installed Apache, MySQL and PHP through the slackware package not with the source. My question is do I have to all to recompile the 3 apps from source? If I'll just compile PHP i get an error saying 'apache is not compiled with "--with-module=so" so meaning i have to recompile Apache too.
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    Re: apache + MySQL + PHP

    It really depends on how you run PHP. If you want to use Slackware packages, you might want to use packages from Their packages have always worked very well for me although I haven't been able to use Linux for months now. Not by choice.

    Musta bai?
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    Re: apache + MySQL + PHP

    since from the start of using slackware i'm using the packages from now, i just wanna experience on compiling/recompiling.

    ok ra bay .. tambay na pud ko ron .. mao ni nag otingkay na pud aning computer.. hehehe ..
    musta training ?
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