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Thread: alternative progs for linux

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    alternative progs for linux

    i'm new to linux. can someone please guide me through alternate softwares that i use in windows? list below.

    Is there a version that runs on linux? or an alternative that i can use thats similar with the progs below? what can you suggest?

    1.) adobe photoshop - no idea with this
    2.) macromedia dreamweaver - no idea with this
    3.) ms office - i heard open office is good. anything else?
    4.) last one, which distro can you suggest i should use? i'm looking for something that won't get me far from the look and functionality of windows.

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    Re: alternative progs for linux

    Got to run quick. Unsay ayu jigs?

    1. GIMP - www. - also check out gimpshop to modify the GIMP interface to look like Photoshop
    2. NVU -
    3. OpenOffice is really the your best option. Abiword is a good standalone word processor. Theres also Crossover Office which can also substitute as photo editing program I guess.
    4. SuSe or Ubuntu, or you could try Linspire (formerly Lindows). I hate the commercial aspect of the product though.
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    Re: alternative progs for linux

    if you can wait till october mandriva 2006 is about to reveal itself ... thats for my distro
    OpenOffice is still your best option
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    Re: alternative progs for linux

    distro ubuntu, mandrake/mandriva
    photoshop gimp
    dreamweaver quanta/nvu/bluefish
    office openoffice

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