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Thread: firewall linux distro

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    firewall linux distro

    good day linux gurus!

    is there any robust, stable linux distro built intended to be a firewall + broadband gateway?
    i intend to use this in a soho environment.

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    Re: firewall linux distro

    ey guys, i think i'll give m0n0wall ( a spin

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    Re: firewall linux distro

    Any minimal Linux install will do as long as it has all the pre-requisites that a firewall would have such as iptables.
    To err is human, to moo bovine.

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    Re: firewall linux distro

    i tried that with redhat9.0 @ work but i took me a while to harden (paranoia in mind) its security & admin tools. so i opted for a distro thats install & go.i'v been using monowall for a couple of weeks now.somehow it does what it supposed to do..

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