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Thread: Cube

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    its not about game cube but its a new open-source FPS. check this review here and their homepage here.

    lemme know what you think!

    Happy Linux Gaming!

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    Re: Cube

    Never played anything on my box for a while now ... maybe its about time
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    Re: Cube

    It looks great. The secret to a successful engine though are the games that use the engine and the developers who develop with it. Here's to hoping ...
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    Re: Cube

    woohoo! i played with it last night and looks great! single players can play with it. the only problem is you're limited to a number of gunshots. your last resort, fists! the game got wierd enemies and shooting them down is hard. shooting them at close range and straight to the head would do great damage.

    will post a screenshot soon.

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    Re: Cube

    bar ... where's the screen shot?
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    Re: Cube

    will post it tomorrow. just figuring out where to store it online...

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    Re: Cube

    here are some screenshots :-)* ENJOY!

    Eat Rockets, baby!

    Enter Bauul

    Bauul and the hellpigs

    ARGH! i got hit! you can notice the blood (red thingy) and a blast from the...forgot what it is

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    Re: Cube

    very nice .... ill download later
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