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    What are the strenghts and weanesses of this young distrubution?
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    Re: Ubuntu

    I personally don't see any weaknesses except general weaknesses that are associated with Linux in general. It does have some strengths that I'll enumerate quickly though.

    1. It has commercial backing. Any open source project will more often than not be better off with commercial backing and in the long run. When there is monetary value to lose, there is an incentive to keep it high quality and to keep developing it.
    2. It is based off Debian. This in itself has many advantages. It brings in the strength and power of Debian, but gives it slight touch for the better. It is NOT Debian though. So while it may utilize Debian tools like apt-get, it does not suffer from Debian's overly long development cycles. The software is more up to date. You are basically running a stable and supported Debian Sid distro.
    3. Community, forums, user-help. Ubuntu has done a great job with it's users and community.

    That is it for now out of the top of my head.
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    Re: Ubuntu

    Is it good enough to replace slackware on my harddisk?
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    Re: Ubuntu

    sure...why not?

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    Re: Ubuntu

    @n00b: well, its up to you. if it suits your needs, then go for it. if not, then, stick to slackware. Ubuntu may be great for anyone but there are just some people out there who would really stick to what they have and mastered. for some other people, especially the newbies, its a "fad". but fad is really not the point here, its mastery.

    my suggestion, just stick to one linux and learn from it.

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    Re: Ubuntu

    thats why until now im still using redhat based distros ..
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    Re: Ubuntu

    im into Debian...

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    Re: Ubuntu

    oh btw some of the weaknesses of this distro is that, you'll be charge by the Phillipine Customs! :lol:,78.0.html
    and until now it is still not being solved !
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    Re: Ubuntu

    Makes me wonder how much they've spent on man hours trying to sort out a package that was sent for free.
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    Re: Ubuntu

    got my cds a couple of months ago..

    about 30pairs, ofcourse each one comes with a live cd, for only 30php.

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