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Thread: Considering change (Ugh)

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    Considering change (Ugh)

    So I've almost had it with Gentoo. revdep-rebuild is driving me nuts, I updated and broke hal and dbus, and it's taking forever to fix them (Although, I am getting lazier..)

    Now, while other distrobutions are usually more stable, Gentoo has a redeeming feature that keeps me stuck. If I want to watch any kind of media, Gentoo is my choice. The software repository seems to be the best. I really don't want to take the time to backup, and install another distro and not be able to watch movies, or sync with my Zaurus, so I will need a distro with either a superb software respository (without the radical "It's not under the GPL, so we won't offer it to our users" attitude), or it does everything I want it to do.

    I really don't like change, so I may just stick it out with Gentoo, but I'd like to have a plan thought out. I've been looking at distrowatch, and a huge 7-CD, everything configured with a gui tool kind of bundle isn't really interesting to me.. Unless of course it comes bundled with vmware, or codeweavers stuff...

    So, do any of you guys have suggestions?

    I have used Ubuntu, I have recommended Ubuntu, but the time I have spent trying to get flash to work, or getting some formats of media to play is too much, and having a thousand different repositories to get what I want is very unattractive (It's kind of like the state of software packages for the Zaurus), so I have to pass up Ubuntu.

    Sorry for the rant, I'm just window shopping.
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    fedora has been kind to me.
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    If you don't care about keeping it Free (GPL) and want lots of multimedia capability out of the box, you might like Linspire. It ships with all kinds of closed source stuff like MP3 and DVD support built in.

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    Mepis is supposed to be very good with multimedia also(video codecs, audio codecs, DVD etc...). In case you wanted an alternative to Linspire.
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    Both Mepis and Linspire look tempting, but I've never had much luck with Linspire , so I'm gonna test Mepis on some machines at school.
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    Another nice source based distro is Once I got it setup, it did pretty much eveything I needed.

    Also take a look at, its a pretty nice distro.
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