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Thread: What's a good job for a linux user?

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    What's a good job for a linux user?

    i want to hear some voices out there. are they really happy with their job working with linux? or just as bored as me?

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    Re: What's a good job for a linux user?

    Very interesting thread. I hope people actually do come into the discussion. It'd be really interesting to see some real-world experience.

    My work doesn't entail full Linux or network administration, although that is something I would like. All production platforms at work are FreeBSD. Similar to ... but yet not Linux. Linux is more of a hobby for me ... something I like experimenting in. Some I use for my own dev/fun servers. I'm not an expert Linux user nor am I forced to learn it because of work ... so I think that keeps it fresh and always fun for me.
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    Re: What's a good job for a linux user?

    @vern: same here. im no expert in Linux but i just have the love of experimenting new stuffs :-)

    but how about those linux system administrators? are their job that interesting or just annoyed by those people working around you? people that doesnt know the difference between a right-click and a left-click... i feel sorry for them.

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    Re: What's a good job for a linux user?

    some of the project groups that i am managing actually develops linux based apps for telecom and telecom equipments. most of the development tools in linux require a high steep of learning that puts off majority of the new members. but once experienced, recognized and mastered, they're considered as elite and especialists (not to mention more responsible than their windows-based brethrens). i think most of my members are quite satisfied and challenged working and playing (developing) in this environment. although playing, as in games, is another thing

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