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Thread: Slackware Linux 10.0 Installation

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    Slackware Linux 10.0 Installation

    I am having a problem. This is my 1st time to install linux. My friend let me borrow his Slackware 10.0 Disk 1 and Disk 2. Both disk 1 n 2 are already unzip files so that means its no longer a .ISO or .ZIP file. I downloaded disk 3, lets assume the filename is slackware10disk3.ISO and it is still in my hard drive, and my other friend also lent his disk 4 to me which contains only 1 file which is slackware10disk4.ISO.

    to make it clearer, il illustrate it this way..
    Disk 1 (all files from the .ISO are already uncompressed in this CD)
    Disk 2 (all files from the .ISO are already uncompressed in this CD)
    Disk 3 is still in my hard drive which is slackware10disk3.ISO
    Disk 4 is in a CD which contains only 1 file. D:\slackware10disk4.ISO

    This files can be seen in

    From here, where do i go? what will i do? i cant see .EXE files in disk 1 to start an installation setup.

    Should i UNZIP or decrypt the .ISO of disk 3 to a blank CD?
    Should i UNZIP or decrypt the disk4.ISO into my HD and burn it as uncompressed files in D: ???

    I'll be buying a new 120GB HD soon, should i use NTFS or FAT32 file system so that i can install slackware 10.0 to it? which is which?

    Please give me a detailed and easy to follow instructions. thank you!

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    Re: Slackware Linux 10.0 Installation

    1. As far as I can recall, you only need Disk 1 and 2 for the Slackware installation. The last two are source code and Zip Slack.
    2. When burning ISOs, you burn them directly using a program like Nero. You do not "unzip" or "decrypt" them beforehand.
    3. Slackware is a different OS ... it does not have EXEs. You have to boot the CD just as you would when you install Windows ... you boot the CD and run the install from there. If you have never configured a dual boot machine, make sure you have things backed up so you don't screw your Windows installations and files.
    4. It doesn't matter. Make sure you give a partition dedicated to Slackware. Slackware doesn't use FAT or NTFS ... and by default uses ReiserFS. Basically ... when you are partitioning your new drive, don't use up all the space. I suggest leaving around 20 gigs for the Slackware installation.
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    Slackware Linux 10.0 Installation

    So Vern, does it mean that on my disk 1 and the rest of the disks should contain only 1 file which is ISO? example: D:\disk1.ISO is that what u mean?
    and if that is so, should i reboot my pc using CD drive as 1st boot and with my disk1 inside it will automatically setup the linux? hhmm.. i have windowsXP, what are the possible things that can give problems when installing linux? i mean.. since il be having a dual OS, XP n slackware, would there be possible conflicts after installation? il buy a new HD for my linux so that il install it in a different drive.

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    Slackware Linux 10.0 Installation

    An ISO is an image. You have to burn it the right way. Search for a tutorial. Google really does help.

    Come back with your problems when you actually have encountered problems and take note that most of your problems have already been answered on the net somewhere. SEARCH is the keyword. If you think you have done everything possible and are stuck, then come back. You are never going to go anywhere on Linux if you don't know how to search for information.
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    Slackware Linux 10.0 Installation

    Read the README files also. A skill you would acquire while using linux is reading documentation, either print or on screen.

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