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Thread: workgroup mail

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    workgroup mail


    linux newbie here, i just started linux last month. i'm using fedora2 and able to setup mail server using qmail on step by step instructions.

    however some users are not allowed to use internet but need to use email locally for file forwarding, etc.. i want these (internet-restricted) users to use email for them to send/recieve mails locally. any tips?

    *eth0 - public ip (w/ registered domain)
    *eth1 - private ip (squid error)
    *localhost samba enabled

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    workgroup mail

    How many mail servers are going to be on this network?

    You could just set everyone up with an account ... and when they need to send mail, they can send it locally to username@localhost. They'll get their mail from the same machine as they sent it from.

    Also take a look at /etc/hosts. You could map specific internal mail servers to a specific host. I'll play around with this on Monday and see if I can replicate what you want to do.
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    workgroup mail

    just 1 only

    i will try this tomorrow


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    workgroup mail

    Tell us how that goes.
    To err is human, to moo bovine.

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