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Thread: RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

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    RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

    its been a while ... that I havent got on line ... anyways i have this very interesting thread from the other forums.... What ya think of this?
    I noticed while looking at that Richard Stallman, the father
    of the open source software movement, will be visiting Asia, but not
    the Philippines. I wrote him a letter and said "why don't you come to
    Cebu?" He actually wrote me a letter back, which I was quite surprised
    by, and asked "I've never been invited, why should I come to the

    This guy is maybe equal in stature to Linus Torvalds (the creator of
    Linux) in the technical community, and more controversial. He
    could possibly draw attention to Cebu IT center for the Philippines, as
    well as shining a great big spotlight on open source. Indonesia,
    Malaysia etc. are actively promoting him as a speaker in his visits to
    their countries.
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    RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

    Stallman surely has a big place in the open-source movement. It'd be great publicity if he did go to Cebu, but I'm skeptical to how much effect it'll have on Linux usage. Probably more of a geek thing than anything else.

    Who wrote the letter to him?
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    RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

    i think stallman will be of great help in promoting the open source community here in cebu if he visit us here.

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    RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

    Quote Originally Posted by vern
    Who wrote the letter to him?
    from Justin Wiley ( a member of a local OpenSource clubs in cebu ... but never met him personally .... and I even tried to communicate with Phillipine Linuxs Users Group (PLUG) and this is what the response

    from Raphael Dido Sivilla

    We invited him for the Philippine Open Source Conference, but he already
    had prior engagements booked for the date we set. Next year then, we
    told him.
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    RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

    Update on possible visit by Richard Stallman...

    I've been continuing an email disussion with Mr. Stallman, trying to
    convince him to visit Cebu. Here is a list of reasons I gave him:

    "1. it produces 10,000 IT graduates a year who are generally
    ignorant of free software. Thats 10,000 potential free software


    2. Along those lines, Filipino culture places heavy emphasis on
    maintaining community. Local developers here who know about free
    software are immediate converts and donate back to the community

    3. it is geographically in the center of Asia

    4. Following the strategy adopted in other Asian countries, Microsoft
    and others are begining to dumping money into training centers and
    local politicians to salt the earth to free software.

    36. Small enterprise and local government desperatly need IT to
    increase productivity and reduce corruption, but are unable to aquire
    it due to high costs. They are generally ignorant of free software
    alternatives, and could become heavy adopters with greater knowledge"

    Here is his reply back:

    >>#3 is not true; the Philippines are at the Eastern edge of Asia,
    >>if they can be said to be in Asia at all. #1 and #4 are shared with
    >>many countries. #2 and #36 might be good reasons.
    >>I can't promise anything though.

    So we are still discussing, I hope something comes out of it! I really
    cant believe he wrote me back, he gets hundreds of emails a day. But
    he is generally very interested in Asia, in fact I believe he feels
    Asia is the future of open source and free software.

    I will let you all know any updates.

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    RMS in Pinas! (updated!)

    Here's to hoping.
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