Hi guys! I think its been a long time since my last visit to this forum coz i was bz in our office... anyway, i would like to ask your help.

So this is my case, we got this CORP domain in our network and we got this so called Quicklook ID as our Login name. We use Win2000 or WinXP Pro as OS in our workstations. What i want to do is i got this extra terminal and ive installed RedHat 9. I want to try to use this terminal as my workstation for Linux. So, how do i configure my RedHat terminal so that it would act the same as my Win 2000 workstaion? I already took notes on the important datas that are shown when typing ipconfig /all in my Win 2000, bcoz i thought this should be helpfull when configuring my Linux box. Currently, i was able to connect my Linux box on the network and it found all Win terminals, but when i tried on a Win terminal to find my Linux box, it cannot see it. I just use ping.... hehehe please excuse my grammar, i know its bad.... so, thanks for advance!