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Thread: How to setup Linux as Client on a Windows server

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    How to setup Linux as Client on a Windows server

    I havnt use knoppix for quite sometime now ... but i think the default user of the knoppix is root??? hmmmm .... Im not sure about this but if you have a dual boot system ... your user might be authenticated based on your domain configuration of your linux box .... well we have and mr.manual on your side ready to help :P
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    How to setup Linux as Client on a Windows server

    Yes, its root... also, when using knoppix as CD, it automatically use root... but when ive installed it in the HD and also not dual boot, during installation it ask for a username and password.. it also ask for the new root password... so, my setup is knoppix in HD and stand-alone... ive created a user using my quicklook ID but the difference betwwen knoppix n XP was, on XP i was ask to check my newly created user to a certain domain which was CORP... bt in knoppix there was no like this... maybe its because wen i created the user, i didnt connect my linux box in the network... ill just try it later... also maybe knoppix dont has this feature so ill try redhat9 coz i also got an extre terminal wid redhat9 on it... so, ill just come back here if ive find anything... btw, the reason i havnt yet connect my linux box on the network coz as wat ive mentiond previous post, our network checks all connected computrs if its a registered computer and one of its basis is it check for SMS CLient and Trend Micro, wen it cannot find it three times, it will block my account... so, thanks again... hope ill can do it... God bless! il b bak soon...

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