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Thread: C/C++

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    Hey, would it be C or C++ ?
    Which is better and why.
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    Though im not in C or C++ programming but it think its more on prefs...
    there are so many pros and cons on those two.....kung saan ka masaya supportahan kita :P
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    C is more of an old yet effective language. this is most used during the old *nix days that were still a hit. users dont demand too much graphics. they just want their work to be done... no fancies.the bad thing is, it doesnt do OOB. that's i can think of... sorry.

    but unlike C++, which is used by most today-born coders, because of its flexibility and, of course, OOP. users today demand of easy-to-use and beautiful-to-look proggies (Windows users). one bad thing is, its supports only limited architecture (x86? not sure).

    just an advice, get Java. its an evolved C and C++. it supports all sorts of architecture ;-)

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    Java is better than those two languages. But for me, C++ is the best.

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    thanks for the tips/advices

    i think i"ll be learning c++ then. ( java later )
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    When it comes to Object-oriented Programming, I think Java is cool to use. It's not that i'm adept in using it and that i feel comfortable doing programming with it but because i find it easy compared to C. Well, i migrated from C to Java... and to tell you C did help cause having a background in C helps if you decide to jump to another language. Ok good luck and have fun!

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    It depends on your target platform really...
    but I choose C cause I just love it.

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    java? multiplatform - write once ... debug everywhere? hehehe.

    I'm not much of a programmer, but I've seen a lot of the code that runs of *nix machines are still pretty much in C.

    my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by yannix
    java? multiplatform - write once ... debug everywhere? hehehe.
    LOL. :mrgreen:
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    Re: C/C++

    what's oob? object oriented bs? hehe... one factor also is the platform that you'll be developing. e.g. embedded systems are best done with ansi c than with c++ or java. btw, you can implement your c codes/programs using ood principles


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